Monday, February 07, 2011

Using A Saliva Drug Test

If you have been using certain types of illegal substances, and you find out about a saliva drug test that will be done, you need to start figuring out how to handle it. Saliva drug tests are good for the last few days at least. These can test several drugs including Amphetamines up to three days, Opiates up to three days, Marijuana up to twenty four hours after use, Cocaine up to three days, and Benzodiazephines up to three days. So check out what you are using and see how long it can stay in your system, then you may be able to figure out a solution to your problem.

Oratect Oral Fluid Drug Screen Device

A saliva drug test is easier for everyone as it is easy to collect and not easy to fake with another sample. The testing individual takes a cotton swab and runs it around in your mouth. Some have a cotton pad where the toothbrush bristles should be. They place the cotton pad between the gum and the lower jawline for about three minutes, and it will collect the saliva. After collecting the sample, they place it in a sterile container for testing.

The one problem with saliva is that drugs cannot be detected in it for a very long time. So you have that on your side if you are using illegal substances. They also cannot detect a history of drug abuse either. If your employers has any suspicions about you taking any kind of illegal substances, they can use this particular test to find out if you are.

They will look for personality changes, missed deadlines, really strange reasons as to why they were missed, money stolen, a change in behavior and performance, and sudden outbursts over really small things. Any of these is a reason to test you for illegal substance abuse. Your employer doesn't really need a reason just a suspicion. Some companies enforce unannounced drug testing for just that reason.

Saturday, February 05, 2011

Urine Drug Tests

The following article mentions synthetic urine, but it does not give details about how to hide a container with synthetic urine on the day of a urine drug test. The following article also lacks details about how to encourage the formation of sweat in the skin (a technique for washing-out toxins). There are websites that offer instructions for those test subjects who want to hide synthetic urine. Those who hope to sweat-off tell-tale toxins might consider talking with a wrestler. Wrestlers usually have a familiarity with how to work up a good sweat, the sort of sweat that can hold a lot of toxic substances.

Concateno Urine Drug Test

If you are a drug user who is facing a urine drug test, you need to study how a sponge retains soap. Such a study should show that one can only remove soap from a sponge by squeezing out as much soapy water as possible. In the same way, only the ability to push water through the kidneys can help with removal of toxins in the body.

A drug is metabolized in the body. When the body can not further alter the resulting metabolites, those metabolites are stored in fatty tissues. The skin contains lots of fatty tissue. Only the ingestion of large amounts of water, combined with an added amount of perspiration can push the stored toxins out of the fat cells.

The drinking of most diuretics does not help the drug user who must prepare for a test. The drinking of an herbal tea will not help to push toxins from fatty tissues. Organic cranberry juice, a fruit juice often used by patients after surgery, can get blood moving quickly through the kidneys, where it then becomes filtered.

Friday, February 04, 2011

Alcohol Saliva Screen Test

The concentration of alcohol in saliva is very close to that in the blood, for that reason it is more accurate than the other types of tests. Alcohol Saliva test is intended for use as a rapid, highly sensitive alcohol test to detect the presence of alcohol in saliva and to provide an approximation of blood alcohol concentration.

Alco Tester

It may also be used to non-quantitatively detect the presence of alcohol in many other fluids, such as soft drinks, blood serum, water, etc. It was designed and patented in 1988 as a simple, cost-effective solution to screen for alcohol concentrations. With over 10 million tests, this test has proven to be the leading alcohol screening device in the field.

Alco-Screen 02 Test

Alcohol Saliva test is very sensitive because it indicates alcohol levels from 0.02% to 0.30% and requires no instrumentation or training. Saliva test can be used at any time, anywhere each in its individual and disposable package...

Thursday, February 03, 2011

Safe Mate-T - Digital Personal Alcohol Detector

Digital Personal Alcohol Detector Safe Mate was designed to identify the level of the alcohol in your body and you will know how much you are drunken. This small device based on the inventive technology MEMS (Micro Electro Mechanical System). Our miniature in size alcohol detector has the characteristics and features like much bigger and more costly units.

Digital Alcohol Tester

* Safe Mate personal alcohol detector based on the innovative technology.
* The gas sensor and Re-Calibration function make our products accurate with high quality
* Safe - Mate use low voltage circuit, life of batteries is longer (can used over 800 times)
* One touch controlling and LCD screen, easy to read the result.

Digital Alcohol Breath Tester

* Safe - Mate displays on the LCD screen for both of % BAC and g/l
* Safe - Mate alcohol detector has a very attractive design to end-users.
* There is a beep sound before and after procedure of testing.

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