Saturday, November 03, 2018

Does fasting to eliminate cannabis from the body a good idea?

No! That's the worst thing you can do! If you really want to “eliminate cannabis” from the body you do aerobic exercise + drinking water - is the simplest form of drug detox. To aid this natural method, use lemons which are very high in vitamin C. Tea and other juices are recommended as well.

  • Drug tests are not looking for THC or any sort of toxin (unless you smoked something dipped in poison, there are NO toxins in marijuana! And you aren't being screened for any 'toxins') The test is for specific metabolites that the body produces when breaking down a drug.
  • The THC metabolites do stick to fat cells (fat soluble). However, you do not want to burn fat because that releases those metabolites which will be flushed out in your urine.
Fasting does not eliminate cannabis from the body. THC is stored in your fat cells and in your brain, which has a lot of fat in it. Only time clears it from your body.

Does fasting to eliminate cannabis from the body a good idea?

As a testing, some of the government's blood tests are highly sensitive, and can show up as long as 90 days, hair tests up to 3 months. Urine tests are not as sensitive; inexpensive dollar store tests can be unreliable, maybe one week to 10 days.

If you smoke regularly, it takes longer, as it builds up.

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