Monday, February 07, 2011

Using A Saliva Drug Test

If you have been using certain types of illegal substances, and you find out about a saliva drug test that will be done, you need to start figuring out how to handle it. Saliva drug tests are good for the last few days at least. These can test several drugs including Amphetamines up to three days, Opiates up to three days, Marijuana up to twenty four hours after use, Cocaine up to three days, and Benzodiazephines up to three days. So check out what you are using and see how long it can stay in your system, then you may be able to figure out a solution to your problem.

Oratect Oral Fluid Drug Screen Device

A saliva drug test is easier for everyone as it is easy to collect and not easy to fake with another sample. The testing individual takes a cotton swab and runs it around in your mouth. Some have a cotton pad where the toothbrush bristles should be. They place the cotton pad between the gum and the lower jawline for about three minutes, and it will collect the saliva. After collecting the sample, they place it in a sterile container for testing.

The one problem with saliva is that drugs cannot be detected in it for a very long time. So you have that on your side if you are using illegal substances. They also cannot detect a history of drug abuse either. If your employers has any suspicions about you taking any kind of illegal substances, they can use this particular test to find out if you are.

They will look for personality changes, missed deadlines, really strange reasons as to why they were missed, money stolen, a change in behavior and performance, and sudden outbursts over really small things. Any of these is a reason to test you for illegal substance abuse. Your employer doesn't really need a reason just a suspicion. Some companies enforce unannounced drug testing for just that reason.

These tests can be used for pre-employment screenings, after a bad accident, or maybe when you return to work after a long illness. Anything that piques your employers interest is cause for a test, announced or not. If you have been given a second chance after being caught, do not screw it up by going back to the illegal substances again. These tests usually take at least one hour to get results.

Saliva Drug Test How To

There are home test kits you can purchase at the pharmacy or online to test yourself before a big drug testing at work. They can tell you what your result will be so you will knowhow to proceed with the test. Should you take it or call in sick that day? It can also tell you how much of the illegal substance is left in your system by the amount shown. These figures let you know how long it will be before you are clear for all the illegal substances.

Perhaps the best way to be sure you pass the saliva drug test is to make sure there are no illegal substances in your system. Get into a helpful program or stop altogether. You will need to make sure you have been clean for at least two to three days for some substances not to show up on the saliva drug test. Many people think they can beat these tests, but it is not that easy.


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