Saturday, February 05, 2011

Urine Drug Tests

The following article mentions synthetic urine, but it does not give details about how to hide a container with synthetic urine on the day of a urine drug test. The following article also lacks details about how to encourage the formation of sweat in the skin (a technique for washing-out toxins). There are websites that offer instructions for those test subjects who want to hide synthetic urine. Those who hope to sweat-off tell-tale toxins might consider talking with a wrestler. Wrestlers usually have a familiarity with how to work up a good sweat, the sort of sweat that can hold a lot of toxic substances.

Concateno Urine Drug Test

If you are a drug user who is facing a urine drug test, you need to study how a sponge retains soap. Such a study should show that one can only remove soap from a sponge by squeezing out as much soapy water as possible. In the same way, only the ability to push water through the kidneys can help with removal of toxins in the body.

A drug is metabolized in the body. When the body can not further alter the resulting metabolites, those metabolites are stored in fatty tissues. The skin contains lots of fatty tissue. Only the ingestion of large amounts of water, combined with an added amount of perspiration can push the stored toxins out of the fat cells.

The drinking of most diuretics does not help the drug user who must prepare for a test. The drinking of an herbal tea will not help to push toxins from fatty tissues. Organic cranberry juice, a fruit juice often used by patients after surgery, can get blood moving quickly through the kidneys, where it then becomes filtered.

Failure to follow the above advice could cause the excreted urine to take on rather “suspicious” characteristics. It could, for example, have a specific gravity that was less than 1.0 or greater than 1.030. An awareness of the expected characteristics in natural urine can help with the discovery of useful synthetic urine.

Some drug users prefer reliance on synthetic urine to the use of toxin-removing techniques. Synthetic urine can substitute for natural urine, if it can be made to “look like” the real thing. Natural urine has a pH that is greater than 4.8 and less than 7.5. Natural urine has no protein, no glucose and no ketone bodies.

Natural urine has a range of colors. Urine can resemble a number of different liquids: water, lemon juice, whiskey and guiness. A test subject generally does not want a test administrator to be able to differentiate synthetic urine from one of those four liquids.

Concateno Urine Pots

A young man who is taking a urine drug test does not want synthetic urine that contains hCG. That hormone (hCG) is found in the urine of women who are pregnant. The presence of hCG in test urine from a male subject would uncover the unnatural source of that urine. Even a woman should not want to have synthetic urine with hCG, especially if she hopes to get a new job. An employer does not want to hire a woman who will soon ask for a maternity leave.

Of course, any concerns about the ingredients in synthetic urine can be forgotten, if a drug user pushes all of the toxins from his or her system before the urine drug test.

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