Thursday, February 03, 2011

Safe Mate-T - Digital Personal Alcohol Detector

Digital Personal Alcohol Detector Safe Mate was designed to identify the level of the alcohol in your body and you will know how much you are drunken. This small device based on the inventive technology MEMS (Micro Electro Mechanical System). Our miniature in size alcohol detector has the characteristics and features like much bigger and more costly units.

Digital Alcohol Tester

* Safe Mate personal alcohol detector based on the innovative technology.
* The gas sensor and Re-Calibration function make our products accurate with high quality
* Safe - Mate use low voltage circuit, life of batteries is longer (can used over 800 times)
* One touch controlling and LCD screen, easy to read the result.

Digital Alcohol Breath Tester

* Safe - Mate displays on the LCD screen for both of % BAC and g/l
* Safe - Mate alcohol detector has a very attractive design to end-users.
* There is a beep sound before and after procedure of testing.

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